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The Eagle Has Landed 1969

Running time: 28 mins.



5 comments on “The Eagle Has Landed 1969

  1. mark says:

    Thank you for posting this historic video clip. Hard to believe it happened nearly 38 years ago! Consider this ‘one small step for smashingtelly, one giant leap for all webkind.’

  2. Bill Sharpe says:

    Wonderful site, but I cannot get the sound. Any ideas please?

  3. mydigest says:

    It was the most exciting night of my life. How sad for the loony doubters that they cannot share the joy in the achievement! How sad for the media morons that they were unable to see the point of Neil’s remark and therefore left out the indefinite article when quoting it in their reports!

    How sad for the great-great-grandchildren of Neil and Buzz and all the other pioneers when the sites get domed as theme parks and the royalties from the tourist dollars go to some fancy Lunar Historic Sites Preservation group of latter-day me-too poseurs fighting industrial exploitation of resources of Selene, typical of the very budget-slashing morons violently against human spaceflight in the early space age!

    Of course, I may be wrong. After all, it will be China, not USA, that will be developing our twin planet. Cheers, Cy Quick at mydigest.wordpress.com

  4. I agree, for me space travel is worth every penny, if only as a harmeless substitute for the unfortunate instinctive seduction of military gear and fighting.

    The fact that it provides us with the single notable events that would be visible to someone if they were to watch us from space for the last 4 billion years, makes it perhaps the only thing of any significance that we have achieved as a species.

    My grandfather gave me Neil Armstrong’s autograph as a kid, it’s one of my most treasured possessions. He said that Armstrong was one of the most humble people he had ever met.

  5. mydigest says:

    All very well observed, sir. It was no hyperbole when it was said that the Moon Program was a peaceful way of competing with USSR. In fact, it was a peaceful way of keeping the leading edge scientists and engineers in paid work. Our hi-tech age is entirely an Apollo spinoff. Wars had always been the best generators of technological and therefore economic progress before Apollo. Cheers, fellow space fan! Cy (only SLIGHTLY humble I am sad to say).

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