"Tivo-ifies the web" Paul Kedrosky

Soviet Animated Propaganda

Running time: 27 mins.


animation, history

4 comments on “Soviet Animated Propaganda

  1. Dave On Fire says:

    Fantastic! It’s an interesting counterpoint to the Disney films of that epoch. I wonder if any of these guys are still making films…

  2. Mookie says:

    This was interesting. I can see how a lot of the misconceptions of socialism and the theories of Marx came about, especially in America. Some of the memes in the films are good, and even accurate, while others are gross exaggerations, false dichotomies and hyperbole. US propaganda is no better.

  3. Randon says:

    Very interesting. Watching this you can really see how much America is a lot like the world back then. you can see pretty much all TV shows and movies are the left and right views of America battling each other with propaganda.

    p.s. props to Mookie for knowing what memes are lol. I agree

  4. chat noir says:

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