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Supermarket Secrets

A two part British documentary which examines how the food we eat is not always what we think it is, due to factory farming and the effects of globalization.

Running time, part 1: 49 mins.


Running time, part 2: 49 mins.



3 comments on “Supermarket Secrets

  1. Dave On Fire says:

    Since these programmes were first aired, I have tried to cut the supermarket out of my life completely. I do ok, and was surprised to find that as well as being noticably cheaper, buying my food at the market is also far less stressful. I still end up in Sainsbury’s at least once a week, though, who doesn’t?

    Where were the documentaries like this in the early nineties, back when there were alternatives to the supermarket, back before Tesco ran my Dad’s grocery and half of town out of business?

  2. Anand Nagar says:

    Keep me up to date

  3. aikowest0002 says:

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