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Feature length documentary about humankind’s relationship to other animals. How we treat them and how we depend on them.

[update: as a Smashing Telly viewer, points out, I should probably warn people that this film is very disturbing and graphic. However, it is not gratuitously so. Also, if the warning is relevant, merely because it may put you off your dinner, then it's kind of pointless, since one of the points of this film is to warn you about your dinner. ]

Running time: 1 hour 35 mins.

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3 comments on “Earthlings

  1. poons says:

    I’ve seen this film before, and I’d ask that you put an advisory on it. It is very graphical. I support the motives, but you know?


  2. Ben says:

    This is incredibly disturbing. I wonder if the upcoming BBC series will be like this or a sanitised version.

  3. admin says:

    Hi poons, after much humming and hahing, I did put a warning on it.

    I don’t actually think its a very good documentary, however I think the issue of what we are doing to animals, particularly in the last 20 years when much of the Western world has transformed farming practices, warrants a full length feature such as this.

    I think a better documentary would point out that this is an issue for both sides of the political spectrum and for farmers to champion as much as city intellectuals.

    I was amazed that the scene about hunting, for example, seemed like the most natural and ethical compared to the brutalization of traditional farming with the grotesque industrialization that we normally associate with cities, and which has happened almost unnoticed not in the last hundred years, but the last 20.

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