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Norman Mailer and Marshall Mcluhan

Two intellectual giants debate violence, alienation and the electronic media in 1968.

Running time: 28 mins.

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2 comments on “Norman Mailer and Marshall Mcluhan

  1. Ashley Johnston says:

    Mcluhan is annoying

  2. C’mon Ashley. McLuhan serves up Norman Mailers head on a platter. The opening scene has MM declaring that violence is a search for man’s identity and in the last minute NM declares that violence, for his friends who like to fight (frequently it seems) is a search for the truth about themselves. I could give another 10 examples, but NM is out of his depth with MM; one of the academic heavyweights of the 20th century.

    Sure MM is a little pompous, that’s comes with the turf for proper academics, he is a professor after all. I like Norman Mailer but he is mostly lunging, failing and mispunching in this debate. Definitely on the ropes.

    It’s a shame that instead of making it polemical that the producers didn’t encourage the two, to discuss, rather than debate. The two, as MM clearly recognises with interrupted politeness are a lot closer than NM even knew.

    Brilliant video find in any case.

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