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The Swindle of the “Great Global Warming Swindle” film.

Stephen Nodvin 43 min 11 sec Mar 24, 2007 blog.nodvin.net Link

The Great Global Warming Swindle, was a very popular rebuttal of the idea that Global Warming is caused by humans. A glossy piece made by competent film makers and commissioned by a respectable channel, it was highly influential. This film, which consists of a lecture presentation and commentary by Chris Merchant a lecturer in geophysics at Edinburgh University takes it apart, piece by piece.

Despite the rough and ready nature of the presentation, it is straight from the lecture hall, rather than film studio, this is a really interesting film for two reasons: 1. it is a logical analysis of the type of argument used in the film, and dispassionately reveals common arguments which lead to fallacy such as false dichotomy and ad hominem attack. 2. It shows what should be possible with online videos, in the near future, a kind of endless dialectic produced by mashup and commentary.

It would be good, for example, to see a mashup of the mashup, make by the original film makers. However, Chris’ analysis is ultimately so devastating that they perhaps would be better to stay quiet than reveal themselves as charlatans.

Thanks to Kaan Atakan for the link.

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  1. Barrie Davis says:

    This would have been an excellent presentation, if the problems with sound –[ also the picture, at times] — had been resolved before posting. On my system the sound was very loud and distorted even at its best.

    It’s a shame. These important points need to be made the best way possible, I think.

    Marks out of ten? Four, only..OK. Five if you twist my arm!

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    dead embed

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