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Steven Pinker: A brief history of violence


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One comment on “Steven Pinker: A brief history of violence

  1. Ian says:

    He is not an Anthropologist, he doesnt have the right background to make comments on Forager or Horticulturalist societies. And it is painfully appearent that he doesn’t know the difference. He had a number of groups he called “Hunter-Gatherers” that were actually Horticulturalists, and that makes a difference. Also, he failed to mention that much of the violence recorded is due to our influence on those regions. The land that is allowed to them, technology, religion all play a part in effecting those societies. This makes thier situation different then earlier Foragers and Horticulturalists. But not that he really cared, he was too busy pleasuring himself on how wonderful Western Civilization (code for The Enlightenment) is. Not once did he talk about countries outside the West. By not mentioning the rest of the world, he completely renders is “world is getting better” arguement useless. Very silly presentation indeed, and I would say wrong.

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