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Al Gore: The Climate Crisis

I haven’t much time for the Nobel Peace prize, its previous nominees include some of the more barbaric and notorious of the world’s criminals.

However, in honor of Al Gore’s deserving win, which sends an amusing ‘fuck you’ to the knuckle scraping goons lolling around the White House, here is an excellent Channel 4 profile and interview of Gore. It is presented by the UK’s most savvy US correspondent, Johnathan Freedland.

Channel 4 46 min 41 sec Jun 5, 2006 www.climatecrisis.net


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4 comments on “Al Gore: The Climate Crisis

  1. james says:

    motor cycle diaries


    this user has lots of documentaries you might like to check out

  2. james says:

    not sure if your in music documentaries but the BBC’s seven ages of rock is very good this account has them all


  3. Darryl Mcmaster says:

    i already knew about current environmental concerns facing us in modern times, but for those who didn’t know or believe the facts that face us before, you will have your eyes opened for the 1st time in your life.

    Enjoy the new purpose in your life mates> Earth =life

  4. aikowest0002 says:

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