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Mythbusters, Hypnosis Myths

There are three things that people seem to believe in which can’t possibly be true: The Bible; Pro Wrestling and Hypnosis.
I’m not so sure about the last one, so am posting this episode of Myth Busters that looks at hypnosis, before I’ve watched it.
Discovery Channel 43 min 5 sec Jun 13, 2007



5 comments on “Mythbusters, Hypnosis Myths

  1. tammy says:

    this is not amusing to me, my boyfriend will actually stop talking in mid sentance while watching tv and i believe that he becomes hypnotized. it is very irritating. his ex-roomate and business partner backs me up on this and also relates to my irritation. where can i find this man some help?

  2. aye says:

    I do the same thing Tammy now and then but i blame that on a short attention span..im easily distracted.could be possibly i have heard men ain’t too good at multitasking either. listening to you and watching the tv at the same time might become abit of task for him…he probably dont mean it…im glancing at my tv now distrupting me from typing …i think is just us guys

  3. jim says:

    It is quite simple, if you can not believe, you can not recieve…And yes that is biblical. I am here to attest that the Holy Bible is true. Absolutely. I have experieced miracles, and had them witnessed by non believers.
    I bid you this. From your heart, ask Jesus if he is real to show himself to you. Challange him. Put him to the test. And you will know he is real. I dare you…… jim

    Yes, what is called “magic” is really just illusions full of gimmicks and slieght of hand and now they use and abuse cameras and call this magic.
    I was introduced to illusions years ago , and they are great fun. Most are so simple you would slap yourself when you find out how they are done. For those unaware, there are simple magic gimmics that are easy to do and you will get loads of fun out of them. My best is one of the least expensive, called the penny and dime trick. NOT PENNY TO DIME. google magic stores and buy it now for lots of fun. jim

  4. I think that hypnosis is real but some people are more suspetable than others, I have seen some great stage hypnotists and I am amazed every time, plus it is highly entertaining.

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