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F1 Chasing the Dream

I’m not interested in sports and in particular motor racing. But something wonderful is happening in the heroic combination of McLaren and Lewis Hamilton.

Nascar is a sport who single tactic seems to be ‘turn left’. Formula 1 allows you to turn right as well. But despite the similarity of the two sports, including, massive sponsorship by semi criminal organizations like cigarette firms and garnishings of spandex-clad, pneumatic, hyper-attractive women, they could not be more different.

Like the difference between Vegas and Monte Carlo, Nascar is Trailer Trash while Formula 1 is Euro Trash. The chairman of F1 is the son of the head of the British Fascist party, Oswald Moseley, and the early drivers were wealthy aristocrats who had nothing better to do than invent spectacular ways to kill themselves at high speed.

Within this mix of nasty sponsors and elitist society, is the perfect modern-day fairy tale, like a pauper winning a jousting contest on great horse. The McLaren team provided the great horse and Lewis Hamilton is its rider.

McLaren are not like any other provider of horse power. Their headquarters is a gleaming white, Norman Foster designed, high-tech clean space that is more futuristic than a NASA assembly room and their pit team are testing cooling suits developed by the European Space Agency and designed by Karada for Hugo Boss. Lewis is not like any other racing driver, in fact the closest person that comes to mind is Tiger Woods. Hamilton is the grandson of Grenadan immigrants, and called Lewis after Carl Lewis. He won a black belt in Karate when he was twelve, and won the British Go Karting Championship at age 10. The 10 year old approached McLaren F1 team boss Ron Dennis and told him, “Hi. I’m Lewis Hamilton. I won the British Championship and one day I want to be racing your cars.” This year he very very nearly won the World Formula One Racing Championship in his debut season at the age of 22.

Thats what makes this rather ordinary sports program extraordinary.

47 min 51 sec Nov 7, 2007


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5 comments on “F1 Chasing the Dream

  1. Paul Rosebrock says:

    Great site…I’ve been checking it often for a few months now…great potential.
    However, how bout keeping the acerbic bits to a minimum….I can go elsewere for unsolicited smart ass comments….

    1. ruserious? says:

      Yes, I'm sure get many smart ass comments- solicited or not. Here's one….Who the hell uses the words "acerbic bits"? Sounds like you've spent too much time listening to Dubbya….

  2. Paul Schuh says:

    If you’re not interested in sports, no one cares what you think about F1, NASCAR, or any other form of sport.

  3. severina says:

    This is an interesting race. One of my favorite after the Formula 1 and Indy.

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