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The Sex Blog Girls

I’m hesitant to post this, since the title makes it sound like link bait. Similarly, I’m not really interested in the subject matter itself for exactly the same reason i.e. this is the TV equivalent of link bait. That said, on a meta level, its entertaining enough to blog about watching a documentary about blogging.

In other words, this is voyeurism – and not because of the sex.
47 min 45 sec Dec 20, 2007


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One comment on “The Sex Blog Girls

  1. anonymous says:

    *shudder*. This documentary puts across such a horribly sleazy image of women..or perhaps i should say, the bloggers it is about do. The way the ‘only thinks about one thing’ blogger talks you’d think EVERYONE was as shallow and sex-obsessed as she was, and that the whole female population was in denial if they did not agree with her.

    Society is far too sex-obsessed for its own good nowadays, and sometimes i get the impression i’m the only one who feels uncomfortable when a girl (or guy) blurts out a story about fellatio or anal sex to anyone who will listen.

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