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Tristram Cary – Pioneering Electronic Composer

A Smashing viewer suggested this great documentary about seminal electronic music composer, Tristram Cary.

Cary was involved in the design of a pre-Moog synth, created the distinctive Hammer House of Horror sound and composed music running the gamut of the UK film and TV industry from Ealing Comedies to Dr Who.

part 2 here

and part 3 here

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2 comments on “Tristram Cary – Pioneering Electronic Composer

  1. dude says:

    nice. a must-watch.

  2. les wade says:

    unfortunately, it looks like this video has been removed from you tube. i watched the first part a while ago and promised myself i would watch the rest when i had time. oh well…

    p.s. this is a great site, by the way

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