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42 Hour Film of Buckminster Fuller

This has to be the most extreme example of what Smashing Telly set out to promote, the antithesis of ‘moronic 30 second dog on skateboard’ clips, this is 42 hours of gloriously intelligent video.

With people not much older than Fuller, like George Orwell, having not a single audio or video recording of themselves in existence, Buckminster Fuller fans can consider themselves lucky that such a film legacy exists.

In 1975 Buckminster Fuller recorded these sessions entitled ‘Everything I know’, in Philadelphia. This is the first film in the series, the entire set is available at the Wiki below.

1 hr 19 min 59 sec


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5 comments on “42 Hour Film of Buckminster Fuller

  1. Vince says:
  2. tim baker says:

    awesome, awesome link. the way he talks (in some parts he does what seems like a single laugh after every thought) is interesting.

  3. mickey mitchell says:

    best on the internet. most important in the universe and if everyone would see it 10 times a week we
    could live in heaven again. 1440

  4. Peter Chylewski says:

    Sure sure, Bucky rules forever.

    But if a dog is smart enough to get some fun out of riding on a skateboard, why call the thing ‘moronic’?

    I just don’t get it.

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