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Born Rich

A refreshingly candid and fascinating view into what its like to be born rich, most specifically, to be born rich in America.
1 hr 7 min 49 sec Oct 25, 2006
“Born Rich”

biography, society

3 comments on “Born Rich

  1. s says:

    hat’s off to the young johnson boy. The rest of them prove what everyone already thinks about them. They have all the access and yet they piss it away just like any blue collar drunk. People are people. No one is special…we’re just dying by degrees.

  2. yes267 says:

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  3. E says:

    It is evident from the film that being born wealthy places a unique set of burdens on the shoulders of these people. Each grapples with it in their own way. Some of them, like Ms. Trump, Ms. Bloomberg, and Mr. Johnson, succeed in reconciling pressures from their family, questions of their identity, and the realization that they do not share the same experiences as society at large. Others, such as Mr. Vanderbilt, continue to have doubts and still others like the German baron and the male model deal with it in less constructive ways. And while some of the challenges these heirs face is unique to their class, for the most part their difficulties are identical to those I’ve seen in my own stratum of society. The value of this film is the glimpse it gives into a realm of society that few of those excluded ever get to see, and that is all too often demonized in print and in film. Thank you Mr. Johnson, for opening my eyes just a bit more.

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