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The BBS Documentary – Part 1 – Baud

The BBS Documentary – Part 1 – Baud

Part 1 of what looks like a great documentary series about the Balkanized version of online existence before the Internet took hold. As one of the interviewees points out, people seem to think the Internet came out of nowhere rather than being evolutionary. In the same way, people think that the web created the explosive growth in the Internet, but actually things picked up a year or so before, opening up the evolutionary niche for something like the web to thrive. For that reason, understanding the history of Bulletin Board Systems, through a documentary like this, is the only way to understand the history of the Internet in its proper context.

As an aside, the Altair 8800, pictured, was the computer I used (or rather avoided using) at high school.

jason scott 38 min 19 sec Jan 13, 2007 www.bbsdocumentary.com

history, technology

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  1. Kriss says:

    Seeing if this omnisio thing works


    all parts joined, looks like its embeddable as well, haven’t tried that yet :)

  2. admin says:

    Great, thanks Kriss

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