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Ibiza – A Short Film About Chilling

Ibiza – A Short Film About Chilling

What makes this film important is the timing, sitting between the acid and the ecstasy. It was made in 1990, after Acid House, before the Ministry of Sound, and a decade before binge drinking would once more replace illegal narcotics as the opiate of the masses. In England, house music moved from fields in Essex and impromptu nights in old Warehouses to permanent, alcohol free, clubs under Victorian arches in places like Southwark in South London. These damp, dark, or damp and dark surroundings could not have been more different from the sunshine and stucco of a small island in the Mediterranean that was to become the unlikely holiday home for House. Ibiza decreed mighty, 24 hour, thomping nightclubs, measureless to man and became a cultural phenomenon for today’s social anthropologists to look back on. For some of the people in this film it was apparently their ‘first trip outside of England’.
36 mn 53 s 29 oct. 2006


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One comment on “Ibiza – A Short Film About Chilling

  1. Tim says:

    I was there on the Island at the time and it was a magical time. I havn’t seen this film for many years
    but am a star for a few brief seconds as an uninvited guest on stage with the Farm at the Ku.

    Here’s to the memory of a truly great period before all the hype and commercialism that followed.

    IBIZA 90

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