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Undercover in Tibet

A very good news feature piece about Tibet. Its a shame, but I can’t find anything this intelligent floating around about what is going on in Iraq.

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3 comments on “Undercover in Tibet

  1. Tedd says:

    This is video 5 of 5. You have to see all of them! I agree, there isn’t anything like this floating around about Iraq, though I think the situation is different over there. I have seen a video prior to the US going in with Saddam’s son, but that wasn’t very telling, and I suppose every one was to afraid of Saddam and his son.

    The video’s that do come out of current Iraq are from soldiers video taping things, but I have not seen anything undercover with the sectarian [sunnis, shiites and others] fighting each other. Seems like it would be easy for some one to go deep undercover, but maybe not.

  2. Xavy says:

    Mi apoyo desde España al Tibet para que la pesadilla termine cuanto antes un pueblo más espiritual no esiste para que desean quitarlo, quizas India dejemos en paz la tierra, gracias a todos los que cooperan por esta causa, gracias desde España

  3. Francis Xavier says:

    How dreadful.

    I just hope our brothers and sisters over there in Tibet would never even think of giving up on these soulless and diabolic human beings because there is no such thing as eternal evil. You guys will eventually prevail. Just hang in there. The rest of the world is on you side.

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