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Ian Shaw – A Life Less Ordinary

A touching documentary about Ian Shaw, whose daughter died on the Swiss Air flight 111 from New York to Geneva in 1998. Shaw, a very successful Geneva business man, moved on his own to the site of the crash in Novia Scotia, where he bought a diner.

My wife, who is from near Geneva, had a friend who died on this flight, on his way home after a year traveling.


5 comments on “Ian Shaw – A Life Less Ordinary

  1. laurent says:

    The friend you mention was actually coming back from 3 months of traveling. he was my cousin. we were close. seeing this documentary made me realize how deeply engraved in our memories the feeling of this tragedy still is. like a tattoo. we may not think of it every day any more but the mention of it still brings on something that i can best describe as nausea. i have not made the trip to Halifax but i think i will one day.

  2. palinode says:

    I interviewed Mr. Shaw in 2003 for a Canadian documentary series. I found him to be a remarkable person who dealt with loss with a rare gravity and calmness. He was also very gracious about our request for an interview about an unpleasant subject. I wished at the time that we were making a documentary of his story alone.

  3. Jean says:

    May our thoughts be with Mr. Shaw today.

  4. Satyaki Panda says:

    Very Inspiring Story .. My thoughts are with Mr Shaw and his family.

  5. aikowest0002 says:

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