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Jamie Oliver Gasses Chicks

I’m of the view that if you are going to eat meat, you should be prepared to kill it. At the very least you should be aware of what you are eating. In this clip, UK chef, Jamie Oliver presents one of those cushy awards style shows where people sit around round dinner tables sipping wine. He asks the guests to select the paler of a bunch of cute baby chicks and put them in a box (these are the males). He then gasses them, something that is done to all male chicks by egg producers around the world, organic or regular. Male baby chicks are disposable, non-financially viable assets. The guests are predictably and presumably hypocritically (if they eat eggs) upset.

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5 comments on “Jamie Oliver Gasses Chicks

  1. TND says:

    Are you aware of the amount of chemicals used to produce all those good looking vegetables that allow vegetarians to call us meat eaters “hypocrites”?? Are you aware of the amount of tiny bugs that are gassed, the amount of toxic material getting into the wild food chain?

    You’re an hypocrite (if you eat vegetables) too. Maybe we should all live in caves and spend our days climbing trees eating wild fruits…

    Oh, by the way, I eat eggs from a farm where there are no gassed chicks. I even get them for free – lucky me.

  2. dveej says:

    No, no, TND: you don’t understand! It’s OK to get all weepy about killing *chicks* – they are fuzzy, small, cute, and cheep in an adorable fashion!

    Tiny bugs, on the other hand, are ugly, not cute, not fuzzy, don’t cheep in any sort of adorable fashion, and have yucky face parts like mandibles which don’t excite our maternal instincts. Therefore, it’s OK for us to kill them in horrible and painful ways. Got that?

    You’re welcome! Glad to be of assistance!

  3. anon says:

    The extent of shock on the faces of the people seeing the chicks dying is a bit of a testament to how sheltered from the reality of the workings of the world so many people are today. While i’m sure its very sad to see something you had in your hands minutes earlier be gassed, that method of putting them down is incredibly humane, and its not as if the carcasses go to waste. These are animals bred for a purpose, they are not pets and it is foolish to get sentimental about their death. That does not excuse the mistreatment of hens bred for meat or eggs- if you have a sick, stressed bird youre going to get meat and eggs which reflect this.

    I often wonder how people today would cope if rationing was brought back and we all had to breed and eat our family pets. We have became SO domesticated and complacent in our overly sanatised, censored bubble worlds.

  4. TND says:

    dveej (&anon),

    Good points. Actually this vid is quite pertinent, just not from the usual (and often hypocrite) vegetarian perspective. “Bubble worlds” is keyword here. The fitting follow up:

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=6mUitg6oKhc&feature=related (3:00)

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