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Commanding Heights

A mammoth 3 part series on the globalization of the world economy, made by two Frontline veterans Greg Barker and William Cran. This is an example of a great documentary that has the same instinctive appeal as conspiracy theorist nonsense like Zeitgeist. In which case, Commanding Heights is possibly a perfect vaccination against such viruses of the mind. Perfect, healthy, brain crack.

Part 1 here: 115 mins.

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7 comments on “Commanding Heights

  1. Mark Thomas says:

    What? Greg Barker and William Cran are globalising the world economy? ;)

  2. admin says:

    hmm – i shld correct that, thanks

  3. Mark Thomas says:

    Sorry – couldn’t resist! ;)

  4. Rodney says:

    Yeeesh you would think that Scandinavia and Canada never existed, the New Zealand didn’t retreat from Hayek’s ideology. Some countries poor implementation of Keynesian policies do not mean that his views are without merit and perhaps provide the best avenue to alleviating the suffering of its citizens and providing them a high standard of life. These 3 documents provide a lame and standard view that provides no insight to current economic blow-outs and little protection for citizens. Some good interviews, though.

  5. Auld Mac says:

    This is very excellent propaganda. I watched all three episodes and they are very good at the appearance of propriety and balanced presentation but are nothing of the sort.

    how sad

  6. Kir says:
  7. Hero says:

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