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Eurovision Song Contest 1973

In order to persuade anyone that any kind of institutionalized event is a bad idea, all one needs to do is say “imagine x run by the DMV”. The Eurovision song contest is what it would be like if the music industry were run by the DMV.

To commemorate Eurovision’s biggest winners, the Irish, who have just blown the European Union treaty and the last time oil buggered up the global economy, here is the 1973 Eurovision song contest, held in Luxembourg – which is a bit like a country run by the DMV.

Following the terrorist attack against Israel at the Munich Olympics, and Israel’s debut in the competition, the floor manager strongly advised people in the audience to remain seated while clapping, to avoid being shot by security forces.

Belgium’s entry at 8:15 is pretty special, and if you have a history of hallucinogenic flashbacks, I’ve no idea what’s going on at 1:05, but you might not want to watch it. Beyond satire.

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9 comments on “Eurovision Song Contest 1973

  1. Robert says:

    what did you vote in the european treaty? thats right

  2. admin says:

    Er… I didn’t. What’s your point exactly?

  3. robert says:

    My point is that no one in Europe was allowed to vote. An early version of the treaty was tested on the French and Dutch public and was rejected outright. This time the only country in Europe allowed to vote was Ireland because, to the annoyance of our politicians, it’s written into our constitution that any change to the constitution has to be voted on by the public. The treaties mean a massive overhaul of all constitutions effectively handing over power to a European parliament on key issues… a parliament and president that were never voted in by the people. Why did we vote no? People were pretty annoyed all over Europe that Europe was being quietly turned into a federal state and this was felt all the way in Ireland. Were historically neutral and a yes vote allows conscription. Many feel the powers behind the yes vote fall very much into the free market capitalist / friedmanite category meaning a lot more privatisation, scant welfare, low taxes – and everything else that causes a massive poverty gap

    If your still interested… heres some more:

    I love your site by the way! It’s my second favourite site after the BBC 

  4. admin says:

    Ah – thanks that is a great point, although I though the conscription issue had been relaxed precisely because it made Irish ratification unlikely.

    I have mixed feeling about the EU and the Irish no vote.

    Regarding the EU, I hate bureaucracy, but think that the EU as a single market has been successful.

    Re Ireland, on the one hand I like the eff you, attitude but on the other think that Ireland has benefitted from EU subsidies more than most.

  5. rick says:

    HEY NOW!

    I work for the DMV and we produce FINE songs!

  6. aikowest0002 says:
  7. aikowest0002 says:
  8. aikowest0002 says:
  9. TunaDiver says:

    The chick at 1:12 is probably 72 now and I'd still do her.

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