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Primal Therapy (FEBL media)

Watch the first clip for as long as you can stand it – I lasted 3 minutes, then watch the one below it. Even better, hit play on them both at the same time.

Like much cultish nonsense, primal therapy makes a case that sounds consistent (mad, but consistent), and then assumes that this equals the truth. What I like most about this, is that the woman above (who has all the left-bank, professorial moves down: using glasses as pointer; snapping her fingers for answers; nodding sagely; genuine French accent) is actually talking about the stuff below.

Remember folks, established cults do this stuff even more strangely.

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4 comments on “Primal Therapy (FEBL media)

  1. Donkey Shoes says:

    dear me these guys are nuts

  2. onwatch says:

    The only people who are nuts are those who don’t take the time to investigate the facts of primal therapy, promulagate misinformed conclusions and create sites like this.

  3. getitstraight says:

    This is ridiculous. You’re associating a play which characterizes what the playwrite fantasizes Primal Therapy to be like, with a lecture on the subject, making it appear as if the play is people really doing the therapy. A quite ignorant approach, unless you’re purposefully making a gross misrepresentation.

  4. pacific_waters says:

    hvae u ever participated in primal therapy? try it.

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