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Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) Riffs

Punk music did what intellectual, minimalist composers in the public funded basement of IRCAM could only wish for: extract the maximum amount of emotional energy from the minimal amount of notes. Steve Jones here proves that the Sex Pistols riffs could have been produced by someone with little or no musical training – but only if that person was a natural.


5 comments on “Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) Riffs

  1. BCaptain says:

    I htought it was common knowledge that Glen Matlock has been credited with composing a majority of the greatest Pistols tunes.

  2. admin says:

    Yes, Matlock surely did, but Jones’ contribution as a very simple but powerful guitarist is a unique part of what made the Pistols sound.

  3. S. Bonniwell says:

    For the record, the SP’s sound and angst is pre-dated by the Music Machine:


  4. no longer alive, the videoeo

  5. spike says:

    a fantastic guitarist and very underrated, one of d best ever!!!

    has gr8 solo stuff, and played ina band called the ”neurotic outsiders”….. defo have ta check dem out!!!

    rock on steve, amazin work dat will last 4ever!!!

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