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Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes

Jon Ronson’s Documentary about Kubrick. What the hell is he talking about at the start?

If an artist painted each picture she did in a different style, we would think her a fraud, or at least derivative. One way of showing you meant something and to demonstrate a style is to repeat it. A single Jackson Pollock might have looked accidental and wouldn’t have made a splash, as it were.

Kubrick set out to create definitive films in different genres and with different styles (Sci Fi: 2001, Horror: The Shining, War: Full Metal Jacket, Epic: Spartacus). Astoundingly, he pulled it off.


5 comments on “Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes

  1. Tom Whitwell says:

    Thanks! That was wonderful. Makes me want to get down to Elephant and Castle right now…

  2. TND says:

    What you are referring too is precisely the definition of genius.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVPduOOODzo (first 57 secs)

  3. Truly amazing.

    I remember reading the guardian article on Jon Ronson’s visit. I emailed him years back asking when the documentary would be made and put on air. He had no idea. It’s finally here and has made my day. I missed this on Tuesday, which was rather frustrating. Things are a lot better now I’ve seen it, so thank you.

    I made the trip out to frankfurt in 2004 to see his archive on show in public for the first time. The trip changed my life. I only wish I could have worked with such a master. Stanley, a true genius!

  4. aikowest0002 says:
  5. phil says:

    Nice very cool

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