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The Quran – Channel 4

This feature length (102 mins) documentary shown a couple of weeks ago on the UK’s Channel 4, was watched by a million people – highly unusual for a documentary slot on C4. It was directed by Antony Thomas who also directed the highly controversial “Death of a Princess” that caused a diplomatic storm between Britain and Saudi Arabia, nearly 30 years ago.

Although the program comes with the warning: “contains footage of executions, the aftermath of bombing and female genital mutilations which may upset some viewers”, it is not a sensationalist piece, and, in large part, celebrates Islam. If anything, it shows too little of the dark side that has pervaded all strands: Islamic; Christian and Jewish, of the Abrahamic cult.

That this review in the Financial Times: “For those of us who ground our lives on what we believe to be rationality, the testimony of those who ground theirs on books that reason says must be fantasy attests to the massive power of the imagination of countless millions”, should assume that any reasonable person would reject Abrahamic, or any other, belief fantasy, is testament to the grip on American culture that it has. No mainstream US paper would make such an assumption about secularism, just as no American publication of any significant audience has yet dared to mock the recent, increasingly vapid and self-aggrandizing, evangelical speeches from Barack Obama, that we usually associate with the Republican right, in the manner of this satire in the London Times, yesterday.

What has this got to do with the Quran? Quite a lot, potentially.


8 comments on “The Quran – Channel 4

  1. Just in case you missed this one. I think it’s pretty unique :)


  2. Sameer says:

    to anyone watching this video, please seek out the true Islam of Peace – not the false Islam of violence and oppression portrayed in this video.

    i find this video extremely misleading and though it may make “good tv” it is definitely not a realistic portrayal of Islam.

  3. Sam says:

    People are wasting their energy and time on making such senseless videos. . . By making such videos. .. nothing is going to change. . . The fact remains that there is only ONE GOD and that is ALLAH. . He is the creator of this World. . . Sooner or later every single being will HAVE to accept this fact!

    All I can say is,
    Islam is the right way of living a life.

  4. Qarib Ahmed says:

    Muslims do not to Imams, they ask for Imam’s help. There is a difference between praying to Imams or asking for their help. This video is misleading in this regard, as I know shiya’s and sunni’s.

  5. hasan mahdi says:

    You disbeliever have no better things to do but try to teach Islam to muslim I think we have better understanding of Islam than your hosts . No matter what is the differentce it is very minimal compared to the Christain and Jewdiac faith which showen vast difference in sects and compleately contadicting the new testament as well as the old testament . Why don’t you do a little research on your old testament and air that on chennal 4 , I promise you it will lead you to admire and believe in Qur’an the perfect book . And my advise to you is next time do a real interview with the knowlegable scholers in Islam instead of going around with layman who is not an expert in jurespudent in Islam . If you ever get the chance to submite your inqueries to Grand Ayatullah sayyid Sastanie in Iraq who is the leading authurity and the most knowlegeble man in the Islamic world today all hands down.

  6. k s nor says:

    thank you chennal 4

  7. Jeff Milner says:

    dead embed.

  8. Ibn Haq says:

    I think that this a very comprehensive documentary made and presented in an excellent manner. The documentary covers a wide range of textual, theological, political and social issues relating the Qur'an and Muslim societies. The tone of the documentary is neutral and unbiased though critical and wide-ranging. It aims neither to denigrate Islam nor praise it but to look at the Qur'an and Islam in a critically balanced fashion. One of the reasons that the Muslim world lags behind in many fields of life is because Muslims do not allow critical and rational thinking to develop about the Qur'an and their religion. They often respond to such documentaries in an extremely emotional and aggressive manner instead of engaging with them and giving the reason for their belief. They often call such works 'misleading, defamatory and disappointing' but do not give solid and convincing evidence upon which such lofty claims of theirs are based. We also need to realise that such documentaries are also made about the Torah (the Jewish Scripture) and the Bible (the Christian Scripture). Britain is a multicultural and multi-religious society where all cultures and religions deserve equal respect and opportunities. However all of them must also be open to criticism and scrutiny. No one religion should be declared or held immune to critical evaluation and questioning. Well done Channel 4!!!

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