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New York Slum Images

Quite often, I hear people complaining that New York has lost its edge and that it has been ruined by gentrification and Yuppies. The people that I hear this from have tended to be middle class white people.

Here are some pictures of New York in the 70s and 80s, when I remember visiting the South Bronx and it looked worse than my early memory of Beirut. Not much to romanticize about, unless you look back wistfully on poverty rarely seen outside of the ‘developing’ world and people shooting up through bloody, shoeless feet. The gritty creativity of downtown New York, was a theme park hell, whereas further north there was the real thing.

There is a consensus these days, that rising oil prices spells the end of suburbia. However, few people under 40 in global cities such as New York and London have any memory other than the improvement of inner city areas. Here real estate costs soared through tenement and terrace gentrification, rezoned industrial building conversions and more recently cartoon loft condo dwellings. But in a country with few socialist programs outside of free tennis courts, and a financial services crash which will lop a sizable chunk of New York’s local government revenue, the Brownstone and brick frontiers could easily retreat as they have done in the past.

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2 comments on “New York Slum Images

  1. To whom it may concern:

    I’m the Program Director for a realitively new non-profit organization called “The Rhythm and Praise Charitable Fund” and would very much like to put your clip of the New York Ghetto Video on our new site that we are working to develop.

    All I can offer you at this time is Name recognition supported by a link to our site.

    I wait your response

    God Bless
    Wendell H. Ralph

  2. f. carter says:

    As a boy I lived in south Chicago in the fifties and I can see by the pictures that the slums and crime has gotten worst All this politicians promise for a better America are forgetting, people still live in the ghettos

    Most of this people are black poor an ignorant, I hear and read most major cities in the USA are in the same or worst conditions then before.
    If I knew what it would take get this people to join the human instead of living like rats I would do it….but how can a few bucks in donations help, just to fill their bellies and at the same time still leave a vacant mind?

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