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Music for Ejection Seat Test Videos

I’ve posted a list of ejection seat videos over at Oobject today. The top clip stood out because of the oblique choice in music. It features extremely calm oriental sounds of the type used to represent ‘a taste of the orient’ in a commercial for: (a) a Chinese restaurant; (b) a spa; (c) somebody about to get a Kung Fu beating. As a backdrop for the extreme violence of a fighter jet ejection, it works surprisingly well, while the more obvious choice of Blur’s ‘Song 2′ is used for the second clip.

Interesting that such different pieces of music can be used quite effectively, for the same thing.


8 comments on “Music for Ejection Seat Test Videos

  1. TND says:

    i’ve always wondered why don’t commercial flights have a similar feature. that number would certainly rise… exponentially…

  2. Tom Foremski says:

    Toasted toes. You should remember to stick feet out and not curl them in when ejecting. . . rocket fuel is way hotter than Hunan.

  3. Eric says:

    “Not 30 second clips of a dog on a skateboard, or the millionth person to mime the Numa song, but classic clips and full length programs, with a focus on documentaries and non fiction. Smashing Television, not Gimmick Television.”

    Delete the clips.

  4. admin says:

    I going to be a complete hypocrite and keep the clips for three reasons: I’m enjoying finding unusual clips; there has been a complete dearth of full length stuff recently; the traffic from clips is sadly much higher.

  5. Eric says:

    I accuse you of nothing. I only wish to call attention to the slip.

    “…the traffic from clips is sadly much higher.”

    I am also a gladiator for Mammon and his vulgar spectators.

  6. Tom Foremski says:

    Forty years ago the Old Grey Whistle Test used to run 1910 Mickey Mouse cartoons as the visuals for the latest Led Zepp or Pink Floyd track – -and the images and music were always in sync. And I think they always will be no matter what the content.

  7. Tom Foremski says:

    This is off topic but take a look at this Tony Wilson/Morrisey interview it’s brilliantly done.

  8. aikowest0002 says:

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