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Quiz: What is the Connection with the Man Getting Punched to the Huffington Post?

The short guy getting punched by a giant, pompous aristocrat a long, long time before blogs existed, is the late Bernard Levin, a nerdy UK intellectual who was Arianna Huffington’s partner for 10 years, before she: became a staunch Republican; married a rich gay politician; divorced gaining lots of money and became a Democrat.

Given that Arianna’s Huffington Post is the largest weblog of the political left, her previous Republican activities are as bizarre as the fact that she went out with Levin. Huffington originally advocated a removal of the welfare state, to be replaced by voluntary charitable donation, stating that “big government cheats people out of the spiritual rewards of giving to the needy”. This is who the Dems have to fight Palin fever, online.

I love this video clip, particularly the bit where the enormous, unbelievably posh, cartoon toff stands back, according to Marquis of Queensbury Rules and uses his forefinger as a decoy to line up his swing. He looks exactly like John Cleese’s Basil Fawlty priming an attack on Manuel, in Fawlty Towers. You can’t make this stuff up.

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2 comments on “Quiz: What is the Connection with the Man Getting Punched to the Huffington Post?

  1. Sour Grapes says:

    Levin and Huffington — Stassinopoulos as she then was — were never partners in the sense you imply. They were very good friends, both interested in est, and nothing more. I have this on good authority, from the man himself, whom I interviewed while I was a student journalist in Glasgow in about 1982. We were talking in Levin’s hotel room in the Albany Hotel when he asked me to go out into the hall to take a phone call from Arianna. I questioned him about the relationship afterwards, and he gave me short shrift.

    You may believe him or not as you please, but he had no reason I can think of to lie, as they were both unattached and the company of a beautiful exotic Greek woman would have done his nerdy image no harm. I don’t believe there’s any reliable evidence to suggest there was more between them than he claimed.

  2. aikowest0002 says:

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