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After Paradise – Contemporary Art in Iran

A documentary about Iran’s nascent contemporary art scene which started to re-emerge 20 years after the revolution. This was largely due to Iran’s baby boomers growing up, creating one of the youngest adult populations on Earth.

The fact that Iran has a very young population is very often overlooked. It gives hope for a more progressive secular culture as suggested by the odd fact that Iran was the third biggest country after the US and Brazil, on Google’s social networking service, Orkut.

Running time: 36 mins.


2 comments on “After Paradise – Contemporary Art in Iran

  1. d says:

    Yesterday I watched the Paradise Found documentary, which you posted, what, an year ago? — on this very website. Watching this now is a sublime experience for me. Thank you!

  2. mukesha says:

    it is very great to see hw aratist working in ther known persceptue of art

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