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The Ascent of Money

One of the surprising things about money is that the people who directly manage it are often tedious, but the subject itself is fascinating. In book form, J.K. Galbraith’s (no relation), ‘Money’ is my favorite, and this documentary comes close to what a film version of that might have looked like.

Obviously, current events make this series particularly important. For the embed, I have picked my favorite part: episode 5, which is about property. For those in denial about what happens with a property crash and zero interest rates, a Tokyo realtor shows us around a Tokyo apt. which was worth 3 times what it is now…a decade ago. The parallel between the UK/US property bubble and Japan is something which I was banging on about on my blog, in mean spirited fashion, before the crash.

Episode 5 of 6: Running Time 48 mins.

All of Niall Ferguson’s excellent 6 part series, the Ascent of Money, can now be viewed on Google.

The Ascent of Money makes it into the Smashing List

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6 comments on “The Ascent of Money

  1. Charles says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Money is the most compelling abstract I know. Its so so imprecise but seems otherwise.

  2. dave says:

    links dead?

  3. Dan Westlake says:

    yes their gone. shame but did mange to catch them – very interesting.

  4. admin says:

    Ah well, I guess access to money is difficult at the moment.

  5. timb says:
  6. robin says:

    there is a 2-hour version up on the ascent of money website.


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