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Coal Black And De Sebben Dwarfs

This week on Smashing Telly, I’ll be focusing on historically interesting cartoons. This one is a black take on Snow White, which on the face of it is an outrageous piece of racist stereotyping. The setting and colors used are the deep reds of a cartoon bordello hell, versus the pastel blues of Snow White and her angel choir backing singers. On the other hand, Coal Black’s world is positively swingin’, and perhaps just goes to show how clawingly saccharin ‘white’ culture really was.


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  1. Auld Mac says:

    I remember this one ( I lived in New Orleans as a wean in the ’50s and this and many others would show up on the TeeVee on Saturday mornings or at the ABC Minors equivalent) , and even in the context of the times there was a unspoken envy underlying the stereotypes.

  2. aikowest0002 says:

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