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Der Störenfried ( 1940 )

This cartoon is a piece of Nazi propaganda, which can be compared with the previous US ones. It has the same adult material wrapped up in a cozy children’s view of the world.

Two things of note here: in my opinion it is really not of the same graphic standard as US cartoons of the same era, which is interesting since much of what the Nazis produced was very sophisticated, graphically; secondly, I’m posting this from France where this video was blocked by Youtube (France has active censorship laws against Nazi material) and I had to access through a US proxy. An example of why application of censorship laws can be ridiculous, since the whole point of this German film was to learn from the mistakes of the past rather than approve of them.


2 comments on “Der Störenfried ( 1940 )

  1. LairdKeir says:

    Imagine what it's like to teach anything here in China where nothingg but nationalistic piffle that suports the regime is allowed. I was here during SARS when it was being covered up despite the danger and deaths. We can't even log into youtube as it's completely blocked here!
    In this case it could be that France has its own reasons to cover up the Nazi period, not having come to terms with its own responsibility from 1940-44.

  2. aikowest0002 says:

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