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Schadenfreude Week: Models and Bottles

This week on S Telly, I’ll be posting horrid but typical clips of extinct bling-people. In this one a junior banking analyst that looks like he’s not of legal drinking age orders $200 cocktails and boasts about how much money and girls you need to get into a tacky Zoolander-like New York bar. Seeing as his postured existence looked shallow are miserable even with money, I wonder what its like now?


4 comments on “Schadenfreude Week: Models and Bottles

  1. Bill says:

    The douche-iness of this guy is beyond belief. I hope he’s living at home with mom and dad now. Also, since when do investment banking analysts get let out of their offices long enough to go clubbing on Thursday nights?

  2. Brett says:

    I agree. And is he really 23?

  3. Ross says:

    Link appears to have gone cold

  4. Adam says:

    No! I was going to link to this post on my blog, because I absolutely love the soul-less misery exuded by this guy’s eyes. Anyone know where else it might exist?

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