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CNBC – House of Cards

The first batch of documentaries featuring analysis of the financial meltdown has started to appear on TV screens. Following Frontline, here is CNBC’s take, by David Faber.

Commentary cannot keep up with events, however, and as the crisis spreads globally and moves into the political unrest phase, these documentaries may eventually seem almost quaint by comparison with what is surely coming.

(Hulu video, available in US only)


9 comments on “CNBC – House of Cards

  1. toronto says:

    hulu sucks

  2. admin says:


  3. toronto says:

    (Hulu video, available in US only)
    There are plenty of video services that work everywhere.
    You have a good site, why limit your audience?

  4. admin says:

    Because ultimately I support what Hulu are trying to do and its naive to think that cross border licensing is suddenly going to change no matter how annoying it is at the moment.

    The world is changing, with Hulu and Joost, the Internet archive and channels like PBS allowing video embeds, Smashingtelly can offer what I always wanted – to be able to watch TV over the web and share the things I find interesting, without having to scour for badly recorded items that get taken down in a week from Google.

    I was very careful on Smashing Telly to not host things such as recent feature films or TV series which had a mainstream audience and only posted things which I thought were reasonable. As the broadcast industry steps up to the plate and offers Interesting TV over the web, I think that should be encouraged. It will only get better over time.

    If I limit my audience but it means I won’t get sued and could possibly even get some ad revenue to support me continuing with it while still having interesting stuff to post, then I’ll be happy.

    In addition, I would love if classic but obscure documentaries could be viewable, ad supported, over the web (which has effectively unlimited air-time) with money going back to the people who made them. Ongoing revenue, years later, would encourage quality rather than transient reality TV junk with no lasting value.

  5. Lloyd says:

    Thanks for posting this. About 6 months into the ‘coalition’ invasion of Iraq I thought that I would surely soon lose the ability to be amazed at mendacity, incompetence and arrogance. But life is still full of jaw-dropping moments, such as Alan Greenspan’s shrugging off the disaster he helped to bring about by saying (I paraphrase), “This was bound to happen. There was nothing I could do to stop it. People are stupid. It will happen again.”
    I get the feeling like you do that the worst is yet to come.

  6. scooterdude says:

    One of the best commentaries/documentaries on the economy was done by PBS years before the crisis, called “Commanding the Heights”. Highly recommended if not required viewing.

  7. Roco says:

    There’s another one coming soon. “American Casino” http://www.americancasinothemovie.com/

    It got into this year’s Tribeca and the trailer should be up soon.

  8. jp says:

    Ah well, got the (good) point. i’ll torrent it then.

  9. aikowest0002 says:

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