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When the Boat Comes In

Of all of Britain’s accents, Newcastle’s is the most unusual in almost every way, it is said that it is influenced by the cross fertilization of fishermen from the North East coast of England and from Norway, who shared the same waters and occasionally ended up in each others’ ports after storms. This classic fishing song illustrates the point perfectly and is also an obscure but sublime piece of nostalgia for the UK in the mid 70s having been used as the intro for a BBC program of the same name.


6 comments on “When the Boat Comes In

  1. Dan Hesketh says:

    As the son of a Geordie, a graduate of Newcastle University and someone who now lives in Oslo and speaks Norwegian, I can confirm that this is indeed a blend of all the things mentioned and is indeed phenomenally strange.

  2. Tomm Matthis says:

    Here’s a pint o’ broon for ya!

  3. Anon says:

    I grew up down the river from Newcastle and see my (insanely mild compared to that video) accent as a bit of a curse – anyone south of Middlesbrough struggles to understand certain pronunciation quirks, and you can forget people who dont speak English as a first language grasping it- Northern Europeans aside.

    I’ve heard people say that it sounds rather german, and that we share a few words- though i’m sufficiently homogonised by the internet to not actually know any geordie slang beyond ‘howay’ and ‘why aye’

  4. hntrnyc says:

    Hello and thank you for this exquisite piece of esoterica. I came upon your site a few weeks ago via another site that had linked to one of your posts and return back daily to see what else you have posted. It is a great comfort to know that there is very intelligent life out there among the glut of worthless drivel that predominates the web.

  5. admin says:

    Hmm – your hunter gatherer blog is very good. I’m going to pilfer stuff from it.

  6. dean morris says:

    i’m told part of my family is from n-u-t, but i don’t know which part. my mom is from the new york finger lakes, and my dad is from st catharines ont. and rochester ny. i grew up 100 miles north of detroit and currently live in nyc. no wonder nobody thinks i sound like them.

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