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Dinga Dinga Dee – Israeli Arms Dealer’s Bollywood Foray

Weapons dealers’ marketing materials are often a great source of unintentional black comedy, however, there are no words to adequately describe this gem found by the excellent 3 Quarks daily.

Israeli arms company, Rafael, decided to create a Bollywood style promotional video for the Aero India 2009 show in Bangalore. The truly weird result is a lot of singing and dancing around missiles.


4 comments on “Dinga Dinga Dee – Israeli Arms Dealer’s Bollywood Foray

  1. hntrnyc says:

    Nice find Telly, I really thought you were kidding before I actually viewed his video. Now? Gobsmacked.

  2. Brett says:

    This is not only retarded but also sick (in a negative way).

    Now we get to watch ads for things that kill humans?

  3. aikowest0002 says:
  4. aikowest0002 says:

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