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Slamming UK Anti-Science

Ben Goldacre rails against modern day fraudsters such as anti-vaccination extremists. What’s strange about anti-vaccination is that despite it being a provably fraudulent meme that is endangering lives, it is taken to be a viable stance and attacking it is seen as controversial. Even this Goldacre clip has a legal disclaimer at the end from the news anchor presenting it.

Current events help put this in perspective, its like saying Bernie Madoff was running a Ponzi scheme and being quoted with the disclaimer that its a matter of personal opinion and not of the news organization.

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One comment on “Slamming UK Anti-Science

  1. BlindRobin says:

    What is left of the ‘news’ media are largely at fault for the expansion and perpetuation of this and many other woo engendered memes. Keeping unfounded controversy unresolved just sells more ad space. There is no profit incentive in bland and factual information. Besides the last thing anyone selling goods wants is an informed consumer regardless of what they say.

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