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Sorry for light posting

packed up and ready to go
Me, Justine and baby Spike are moving from NY to Geneva for a bit (talk about a difference). Meanwhile, I’m in San Francisco for a few weeks – damn it’s nice here! (Although Spike managed to find a dead rat at the playground in swanky Russian Hill).

In the interim, if you haven’t checked out one of my other sites which are based on our visual aggregation engine called curations, have a look:

Oobject is a site all about technology, it has technology news, but without the crap. I.E. just things that are decently designed. The real focus, however, is on lists of things in a particular topic that are interesting. The idea being to take the most moronic thing on the web – top 10 lists, and do them really well.

Then there are 3 curated sites (I pick out the best 500 or so websites in a particular topic, based upon whether the people that run them have a keen eye) and then run the visual aggregator over them and pick out the most interesting items each day:

Cribcandy (household design), Popgloss (fashion design) and Yokiddo (kids stuff)

Like lists, this could be awful, but the aim is to do the aggregation thing well, and with pictures. (Yokiddo, I have to confess is not good enough, so I’m going to redo it or ditch it).

Lastly there is Wists which is an online visual bookmarking application – like delicious but with thumbnails of a particular portion of a page.

If you like watching grass grow, have a look at my physics notes in the right side bar of my blog, under ‘notes’ : This is what really keeps me awake at night.


4 comments on “Sorry for light posting

  1. Tom Foremski says:

    Welcome back to SF! BTW, the playgrounds in the less swanky neighborhoods have syringe needles rather than dead rats.

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  3. Gerryjerm says:

    Your welcome everyone,
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  4. Introducing myself. Have a sign shop in Memphis. Been lurking around watching you guys. You are awesome. Hope to fit in. Trying to learn all I can. Thanks in advance for the help I’m sure I’ll need.

    - Thomas
    Channel Letters

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