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Star Schlock, the Most Excruciating Moments of Star Trek

Watching Spock singing ‘Bitter Dregs’ is like seeing your grandfather trying to break dance.

Somehow, however, the series that produced this, that morphed between high camp soap opera and philosophical science fiction has managed to generate a decades old cult following that has a better degree of social cohesion than many religions and without the internecine strife. Perhaps it’s precisely because people take Star Trek seriously but with a sense of humor that is absent among true zealots.

Somewhere in the universe, there will always be a place for the ‘vulcan harp award’ for squeamishly bad performing arts.

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4 comments on “Star Schlock, the Most Excruciating Moments of Star Trek

  1. ivana says:

    You cannot say that without acknowledging that Spock's will was taken over. It was supposed to be bad. Needless to say the signing sucked; any trekkie would remind you of the UNDERLYING FACT: the will being taken over is the most aggregious scenario ever in star trek land.

  2. divadwg says:


    So you are saying that the excuse for the fact that this is crap has nothing to do with the writers but rather the fact that their fictional character has, equally fictitiously, lost his mind.

    Mickey Mouse is not a real mouse and Leonard Nimoy is not an alien.

  3. ivana says:

    Indeed I am saying that. All part of the same package. Really, how crap-free is the rest albeit awsome and endearing. I was 92% enthralled as a kid. But wait – are you saying the fact that most 'aliens' took on pretty much human form is ok with you? and that you would have considered a real mouse somehow relatively genuine compared to MM?

  4. hntrnyc says:

    I dunno, can Uhura do anything wrong? She destroyed me when I was a pup, and 40 years later she is still infallible and completely delicious……

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