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Smashing Telly welcomes Jim Nachlin and Hunter Gatherer NYC

Two new people will be helping me stoke Smashing Telly as editors. Their qualification? Both are great, independent minded, pickers and collectors and have something interesting to say. These seem to be paramount skills in this here Internet age. Both are living in New York, but that is co-incidence.

Jim Nachlin was brought up in a mini commune in a Soho Loft in the 70′s and learned to ride a bike in it because the streets weren’t safe. I like him because he is genuinely eccentric and insightful in a way that people who try to be never are – and because he only likes second hand things.

Hunter Gatherer is from Detroit and now also lives in New York. At first I though he was a brit because when he blogged about the UK it had insight that could only come from someone who had been brought up there. Now I realize that his perceptions came from watching TV. Anyone who has powers of observation like that would be a great contributor here.


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  1. Peter says:

    Welcome aboard, gentlemen! Looking forward to reading/watching your posts.

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