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Tarkovsky’s Cinema

I have low tolerance for self indulgent artsyness and Tarkovsky films look superficially like they might be in this category, which is a shame because, as Tony the Tiger might say, they’re great. Nothing comes as close to a moving painting as a Tarkovsky film.

Here is a documentary where the director recounts his life and work.


6 comments on “Tarkovsky’s Cinema

  1. dan Westlake says:

    a lot of us cannot watch veoh because one needs latest O.S to be able to run the software.

  2. BlindRobin says:

    I love Tarkovsky films. Thnaks fot the veoh channel direct.

  3. Tom Foremski says:

    Oh no! No more Smashing Telly?!

  4. james says:
  5. Eamonn says:

    Has Smashing Telly finished ?

  6. Bruce says:

    Has Smashing Telly finished ?

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