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WTF happened to Smashing Telly?

Smashing Telly as a personal curated video project is now closed. However, I will be launching a collaborative version soon.

In the interim, check out Oobject which is a kind of online Wunderkammer comprising visual lists of man-made objects. A mainstream version of Bernd and Hilla Becher’s Typologies, if you like. Oobject may look like yet another, crappy, weird things site, but delve in, I’ve put an unhealthy amount of effort into it.

In the spirit of the global takeover of content by the headline and listicle I also plan to do one last post on Smashing Telly with a big list of my favorite factual TV programs and clips (since Smashing Telly focused on these).

Stay Tuned.



13 comments on “WTF happened to Smashing Telly?

  1. pbruiter says:

    No hulu nor netflix will ever take the place of a great quality curator, which happened to be you. Thanks for your efforts!

  2. autnoc says:

    huh. And this on the very day I find this site and add it to my feed reader. Tragic.
    I shall do what I can to make use of the past posts. For what it's worth, I think you did an awesome job of curating what I've seen of it so far. So, a thanks in advance for a job already completed.

  3. Clark says:

    David, I've been a big fan of your findings of the best video the web has to offer. Sorry to see it go.

  4. Jim N says:

    The blog format places a lot of pressure on writers to come up with new material. That's not always the best way to get high quality writing. It's for this reason that I de-emphasized chronology in my most recent project, the tapes site. Maybe just leave it as is, and when occasionally you write about something new, you can put it here.

  5. /wi says:

    And I was so happy to see new additions in feed reader. Damn.

  6. fooosco says:

    digg oobject, :)

  7. sanktnelson says:

    Thanks for all the good work! I haven't been to these parts in a while, but about 1-2 years ago I was a regular. Looking forward to that favourites list. Which one is the proxy that makes the BBC work for you if I may ask?

  8. divadwg says:

    @sanktnelson I'm now living in Switzerland so I use VPNUK with a proxy for both UK and US so I can watch Hulu too.

  9. skunkstripe says:

    I thought you did a damn good job. You were my go-to source for really interesting and quirky videos. I hope you keep this up for the archive and I'll keep an eye on what comes next, it's bound to be great.

  10. thomas eagle says:

    I'm surprised there are relatively few comments on this farewell page. I feel a bit guilty though, because I've only just remembered about Smashing Telly after months of not visiting – I used to pop over every day, I think until the post-Tarkovsky silence got a bit deafening, and then I changed computer and lost browser favourites in the process. bla bla bla… excuses excuses excuses.

    Like other commenters, I also really love(d) Smashing Telly and w{ill/ould} be really sad to see it go definitively. I agree wholeheartedly with pbruiter that what ma{de/kes} ST good is your excellent curation, and for that reason, 'though I'm an expat too (and so can't just watch UK/US telly, nor abide what's on where I live), I doubt I'd bother with the alternatives you've found for yourself: I loved having the selections made for me, and came to really trust your judgement.

    So basically, know that you/it w{ill/ould} be missed! But very best wishes to you with New Things: now over to Oobject to see what you've been up to!

  11. isitus says:

    Agree with eagle above – been a steady follower from scandinavia for years, and been coming back the last couple of months to see the grand final – Thoe it would be better to get you back with regular post –

    Good thougts

  12. Leroy says:

    I have discovered so many Gems through this site and thank you thoroughly for the work that you have done. It is a shame to see it go but it was great while it lasted.

    Does anyone know any other sites that come close to being what smashing telly was?

  13. Barbara says:

    Darn, I was hoping there were some updates!
    I also would like to say that I loved the content on this site. Real thought provoking and inspiring stuff and I was very sad to see the site go and am saddened all over again!

    It was great while it lasted! Thank you for sharing with us!

    ..I would also like to repeat the question… anyone else know some good sites like this?
    I like to listen in on the lectures on TED (ted.com) but those are just lectures and not really varied like the stuff on here, but there’s interesting topics in there!

    Sometimes I like the videos on the PBS site (PBS.org) but there isn’t much.

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