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What Hitler Wants – Soviet WWII Cartoon

In this cartoon, what Hitler wants is to help the Capitalists, apparently.

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Der Störenfried ( 1940 )

This cartoon is a piece of Nazi propaganda, which can be compared with the previous US ones. It has the same adult material wrapped up in a cozy children’s view of the world.

Two things of note here: in my opinion it is really not of the same graphic standard as US cartoons of the same era, which is interesting since much of what the Nazis produced was very sophisticated, graphically; secondly, I’m posting this from France where this video was blocked by Youtube (France has active censorship laws against Nazi material) and I had to access through a US proxy. An example of why application of censorship laws can be ridiculous, since the whole point of this German film was to learn from the mistakes of the past rather than approve of them.

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Coal Black And De Sebben Dwarfs

This week on Smashing Telly, I’ll be focusing on historically interesting cartoons. This one is a black take on Snow White, which on the face of it is an outrageous piece of racist stereotyping. The setting and colors used are the deep reds of a cartoon bordello hell, versus the pastel blues of Snow White and her angel choir backing singers. On the other hand, Coal Black’s world is positively swingin’, and perhaps just goes to show how clawingly saccharin ‘white’ culture really was.

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Walt Disney’s: Education For Death

Disney’s adaptation of Education for Death, the making of a Nazi, is a fascinating piece of wartime propaganda. Convincing enough and expertly made, although a few years years later Disney hired a senior Nazi as one of their presenters.

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The London Times’ technology section ran this piece showing the current state of the art in 3d animation. Normally this stuff is not that interesting and just a bit naff. But, having used 3d animation software fairly intensively in the past, this does seem genuinely impressive.

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Phillip Glass for Sesame Street

In 1979 Phillip Glass composed a series of pieces for Sesame Street called the geometry of circles. Well they say kids like repetition. Again.

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A year of my life in 10,000 photos

There are a few of these time lapse pieces on YouTube and nearly all are worth watching multiple times, to see which unexpected patterns emerge.

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The Thief and the Cobbler

Richard Williams’ (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) unfinished magnum opus, based upon the 1001 nights.

Running time: 1 hour 37 mins

Full screen

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Soviet Animated Propaganda

Running time: 27 mins.


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Wild Planet

A surreal 70′s animation by French artists, Rene Laloux. Re-scored with a great soundtrack including music by the likes of Aphex Twin.

Running time: 1 hour 11 mins.


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