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Commercial Break: Communist Era Estonian Meat Commercial

Words… well, they just can’t describe it.

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Great Antiques Roadshow Spoof

On the antiques roadshow, people lug along ancient pieces of unwanted crap – sorry priceless heirlooms, in order to find out how much they are worth so that they can fantasize about immediately flogging them and moving to Florida. Trinket owners play along with the genteel history lesson charade, pretending to be interested in some bone-grindingly dull anecdote from an expert in Chinese foot binding stools, or whatever, followed by the fake rhetorical question – have you ever thought about what its worth? Answer: Oh no, not really – I’d never, never sell it.

At this point, if the expert didn’t actually give the price, the owner would, of course, instantaneously beat her to a bloody pulp. I love the Antiques Roadshow, its my favorite TV program, and I love this trailer for BBC HD.

Worth it, even as a link rather than an embed: Link

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Swedes Upset at Germans Making fun of Swedes in IKEA Germany Commerical.

What could be more Swedish than IKEA? That’s what the Germans thought when making a commercial for IKEA Germany, so they decided to make fun of the Swedes and their midsummer traditional festival where they have a feast and dance around a maypole. Head office was not amused and banned it.
IKEA – Banned Commercial – Swedish Midsummer

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Commercial break: Be Kind Rewind Style Remake of Be Kind Rewind Trailer

Be Kind Rewind is about a guy who works in a video store who is magnetic, accidentally erases all the videos and decides to remake them himself. A bunch of French guys decided to do the same with the trailer for the movie itself. So deliciously meta.
Be Kind Rewind Sweded Trailer

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Enron Commercial – With Murray Gell-Mann

Smashingtelly has a new feature – commercial breaks, sarcastic ones.

Following the post with Murray Gell-Mann’s excellent talk, where he spoke so genuinely, clearly free of having been molested by PR folk, here is a commercial which shows he suffered from their abuse, being seduced probably innocently into an appearance trying to lend credibility to Enron.

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