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Derron Brown – Trick of the Mind

Derron Brown is my favorite magician. He manges to be traditional and flamboyant without being cheesy and modern without looking like he’s trying too hard to be street cred. A sort of dapper, younger, Sherlock Holmes, with cards up his sleeve.
23 min 48 sec Dec 25, 2006


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Mythbusters, Hypnosis Myths

There are three things that people seem to believe in which can’t possibly be true: The Bible; Pro Wrestling and Hypnosis.
I’m not so sure about the last one, so am posting this episode of Myth Busters that looks at hypnosis, before I’ve watched it.
Discovery Channel 43 min 5 sec Jun 13, 2007


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Pool Trick Shots Show

Chef Anton, national pool trick shot champion performs some truly amazing shots.
Seven minutes in: “Once you learn this trick shot, you will never have to buy a drink again in your life”. Clearly this is something to watch.

Running time: 36 mins.


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