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Schadenfreude week: BofA ‘One Bank’ excruciating U2 cover

One of the only redeeming features of Depression 2.0 is that a great rain has come which will wash away: famous for fucking, celebrity prostitutes like Paris Hilton; soccer team owning Russian celebrity gangsters; brand-name, soulless, celebrity chef restaurants and saccharine corporate/celebrity rock n roll mashups such as this piece of sickeningly un self-aware, acoustic shit.

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Schadenfreude Week: Models and Bottles

This week on S Telly, I’ll be posting horrid but typical clips of extinct bling-people. In this one a junior banking analyst that looks like he’s not of legal drinking age orders $200 cocktails and boasts about how much money and girls you need to get into a tacky Zoolander-like New York bar. Seeing as his postured existence looked shallow are miserable even with money, I wonder what its like now?

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